About Us

After months of fruitless searching for Canadian suppliers of just the right zippers we soon became acutely aware of the general lack of product options that were available to Canadian sewers and crafters.  When we did find a shop its products were often limited in size and colour and, in some cases, in quality as well.

So we decided to change that.

Zipperloft brings to Canadian crafters the expanded range of coil and metal zippers they need, while operating on the simple and honest principle of delivering high quality products and exemplary service.

Nothing less.

We hope after visiting our site that you too will share our passion.  And we'd love to hear from you and know of the projects you make with our zippers and hardware.

So what the heck is that Zipperloft logo?

A window! Our first iteration of a logo for our store was literally a stylized depiction of a loft with a zipper in the name.

But once we started using it we realized the size constraints imposed on a logo containing fine detail, and how elements either lost detail or degraded to an unrecognizable blob. This was especially noticeable when used on social media sites that reduced image size...


So we decided to just keep the window of the loft as our logo.